The Company

ORLEN Ochrona Sp. z o.o. is a professional, perfectly equipped security company, covering the whole country with her range of activity. The company was founded in September 1998 as a result of transformation of Petrochemia Płock Industrial Security Guard into a self-dependent company based on Trade Code. The Current name of the Company, ORLEN Ochrona has been in force since August, 10th, 2001 and was introduced due to implementation of new branches for companies falling into the PKN ORLEN S.A. Capital Group, who is the Company 100% Shareholder.

At the beginning the scope of the Company activity was securing of the Płock refinery site territory. However during 11 years of acting at the market the Company has reached great step of development and now she provides, among others, complex services of personal and property protection, money valuables transportation at the whole country territory, creating impressive customers portfolio.

Thanks to high qualified and well trained personnel and technical backup ORLEN Ochrona can meet all and any requirements regarding persons and property protection. Experience gathered during years in protection of the objects with strategic importance for the country defense and economy, public security, places the Company very high in the ranking list of the best and the biggest companies within the industry.

The key segment of the Company activity is, due to the membership in ORLEN Capital Group, from the beginning, security of the supply chain in fuel branch in Polish Peoples’ Republic. The company consistently develops that segment, enriching its offer with new specialized services.


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